22 Aug

August 2008 Update

Museum of Modern Art in L.A. A recent review in the Observer Music Magazine refers to us soundtracking an installation at MOCA in LA. This is a project we were approached to take part in at the beginning of July. We recorded some music for it, and at the time of the review being written everything seemed to have been finalised. Apparently, this was a little premature, and the situation subsequently changed. At the moment it is still unclear whether it will be going ahead with our involvement. We will update you on this, as and when we know more. Meanwhile here is the Observer review. Fresh from soundtracking an installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art in LA, Marconi Unions third album is centred around themes of isolation and disconnection, so it makes sense that they have self-released it through their own website. Minimal, introspective, ethereal electronica, it is arguably their strongest set to date. Gorgeous. Luke Bainbridge, The Observer. Soundtrack MU have contributed three tracks to the soundtrack of French Canadian Film A L Ouest De Pluton – West Of Pluto made by Vostock Films. The film is the story of the daily lives of a dozen teenagers in the suburbs of Quebec and is directed by Henri Bernadet and Myriam Verreault. West of Pluto will be released in September. Remixes Over the past few weeks we have also been involved in a number of remix projects, which hopefully we will be able to tell you more soon.