22 Feb

February 2009 Update

It’s been a good month for MU, with various things happening. More on Fluid Radio, as we mentioned last month listeners voted A Lost Connection their album of the year and we reciprocated by doing an exclusive one hour mix. We’d like to thank everyone who e-mailed in, both to us and Fluid Radio, I think we have finally finished replying to everyone who contacted us. The people at Fluid told us they had received more than 500 e-mails about it! Unfortunately, it won’t be available for download in the near future, as a number of the previously unreleased tracks are scheduled for release in different projects over the next few months. However, if anybody missed it or would like to hear it again, Fluid will be rebroadcasting it, on Wed 11th Feb at 7pm (UK time zone) It was good to see Distance being named as one of six essential Ambient recordings in the Sunday Times recently. Over the last couple of years BineMusic has become one of our favourite labels, with releases by Benjamin Brunn, Scanner and Move D. So we were extremely pleased when they contacted us at the end of last year and suggested that we release a CD with them, the resulting album will be available in May or June.