22 Sep

September 2010 Update

On the 20.09.10 we will be releasing a 12 inch single on Binemusic. The sleeve was designed by musician and artist Ralph Steinbruchel. It is available direct from Bine or as a download from Boomkat

On 1.10.10 Marconi Union will be performing at Manchester City Art Gallery, we will be providing music to accompany an exhibition called Recorders by Mexican-Canadian electronic artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer . This will be a very different performance by MU and we will be playing a very organic ambient set which will last for 150 minutes. Admission is free.

Our friends at Dotca have also revamped their site and we strongly recommend a visit.

22 Sep

Manchester Art Gallery “performance”

On 1.10.10 Marconi Union will be performing at Manchester Art Gallery. We have been invited to provide a two and a half hour “improvised ambient soundscape” for people attending the Manchester Art Gallery exhibition by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. We would really like to clarify is that this will not be an MU gig in any normal sense, we will solely be improvising “soundscapes” we wouldn’t like to think of anyone turning up in the expectation of seeing us playing a regular gig and being disappointed. Our participation in the evening involves the three of us playing in a large glass atrium which people pass through on the way to the exhibition, the idea is that some people may choose to stop and listen for a while others will not…