25 Nov

Ambient Zone 2 CD


Just Music have released the second volume in their Ambient Zone series.  This one features music from twelve artists associated with the Just music label including Marconi Union, Jon Hopkins and Digitonal. Read more here.

06 Nov

Marconi Union Installation Soundtrack


MU recently provided the soundtrack for A Distant Light a new installation that has been installed on Selfridges department store on Oxford Street, London. A Distant Light is a louvred disc nearly ten metres wide on which images from space are displayed. MU’s soundtrack is being constantly streamed from the Selfridges website to enable viewers to simultaneously listen on headphones.




A Distant Light was designed by Artisan a creative studio that has a long history of stage design and installations. The idea being that it could work as an astronomical clock, inspired by our ability to measure time by observing light from distant stars.